Disinfecting Misting and Spraying Services

Graco SaniSprayer HP65

Intserv Painting now offers a complete solution for disinfecting! That cleans and disinfects in a single operation.
Whether it’s your home or workplace, we work flexibly with your schedules to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces to be COVID-safe. We’ve partnered with a leading supplier of anti-bacterial disinfectants and application equipment to protect surfaces for up to 30 days, killing 99.99% of bacteria. Intserv Painting can routinely disinfect your space fortnightly, and monthly working around you, and being able to come in before and after closing hours.

Forget spray and hand wipe sanitisers in high-traffic areas; our process gets into every nook and cranny. Our specialised spray equipment applies a coat of protective disinfectant that evaporates after application. This product can be used in different business areas: cleaning and disinfection of floors and surfaces (TP2/4), materials, furniture, and equipment, industries, food environment, transport, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, communities, medical fields, car parks, shopping centres…Bathrooms, open spaces, seating, kitchens, electronics and all, we will get the job done, without residue or evidence of being there. Want to have your space routinely disinfected? Get in touch with Intserv Painting to ensure your home or workplace is sanitised and protected against bacteria, mould and mildew.

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Professional Painting and Decorating Services in Bournemouth

Intserv Painting is a reputable local residential painting and decorating business located in Bournemouth, I take immense pride in providing professional reliable top-quality services. I happily offer free estimates and quotes to valued customers, ensuring that their needs are met with excellence. Rest assured, our services extend to the entire Bournemouth area and nearby regions. Trust us to deliver exceptional painting and decorating solutions tailored to your requirements.


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